We care your selfcare. Vending Machine Exclusively for Cancer Patients

We care your selfcare. Vending Machine Exclusively for Cancer Patients

Because comprehensive care for cancer patients is our heart, Bangkok Cancer Hospital Wattanosoth is the first in Thailand to offer WE CARE YOUR SELFCARE health vending machine for your convenience especially for patients who just received their primary cancer treatment. This program is a collaboration with BeDee, a health application specialist who can offer advice and online shopping platform for medical supplies in a flash. These products have been selected by BDMS specialists because we want patients to have confidence in the service and conveniece to live your happy life.


  • Products are selected specifically for cancer patients to alleviate side effects associated with chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
  • Convenience at your fingertips by just selecting the product on the screen and pay. The products are categorized clearly into groups to cover symptoms of side effects such as dry skin, sensitive skin, oral sores, thick saliva, loss of appetite, joint pain, bone pain, etc.
  • Product protection from damage with a product lift inside WE CARE YOUR SELFCARE to carefully remove the products from the shelf and deliver through the opening to your hands.
  • Products are kept under temperature control inside WE CARE YOUR SELFCARE 24 hours.
  • Have confidence that the products are up to standard and have been carefully selected by BDMS specialists.


24/7 Care for Cancer Patients

If patients have questions or concerns about the product or are looking for other product of interest, try Chat & Shop on the application BeDee and Line Official: @BeDeebyBDMS at any time around the clock. A specialist will be happy to provide advice about health problems and product usage as well as take purchase orders immediately if you cannot come to the hospital. A variety of health products, medication, and medical supplies for cancer patients is available for rapid delivery service to your home.

WE CARE YOUR SELFCARE automatic vending machine exclusively for cancer patients is ready for service today at first floor Bangkok Cancer Hospital Wattanosoth.

For more information, please contact

Line Official @BeDeebyBDMS 

Tel 0 2310 3899

Consult a cancer specialist