About Us

Diagnosis and staging of cancer and investigating other diseases with the PET/CT Scan (Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography).

Our services include:

Our in-house cyclotron is capable of producing PET radiopharmaceuticals such as F-18 FDG, F-18 NaF, F-18 FD0PA and C-11 PiB.
Oncology-imaging services using CT scan and ultrasound by expert oncology radiologists.

PET/CT with floe technology

PET/CT with floe technology is the world’s first PET/CT system to eliminate the demand for stop-and-go imaging since the scanning is based on a single continuous motion of the patient table. Not only less time consumption but PET/CT Flow also provides patients a smooth and convenient scan.

Presently, diagnosis with PET/CT scan utilizes F-18 FDG radiopharmaceutical in more than 90% of cases. Other radiopharmaceuticals for instance F-18 FD0PA is used in certain types of cancers and brain disorders such as Parkinson’s and other movement disorders, while the C-11 PiB (Pittsburgh Compound) is applicable to Alzheimer’s disease.