5 Do's and Don’ts of Cancer Care

5 Do's and Don’ts of Cancer Care

5 DO’s

  • Exercise Often
  • Clear your mind
  • Eat Fruits and Vegetable
  • Have adequate nutrition
  • Routine Physical Examination

5 DON’Ts

  • Do not smoke
  • Do not engage illicit sex
  • Do not drink often
  • Do not expose to intense sunlight
  • Do not eat fresh water sashimi

5 Do’s

1. Exercise Often

Several Researches and Papers have uniformly agreed that exercising habit is directly related to cancer. They claimed that exercise can reduce the chance of having cancer and heart problems by lowering calories and stress which are the main cause for cancer. Regular and adequate exercise can lower stress level and calories in the body.

Recommendation :

  • Do 30 minutes exercise regularly for at least 3 times a week
  • Control Body Mass Index (BMI) within a suitable, healthy range

Body Mass Index [BMI] = Weight (Kg)
Normal                           BMI 18.5 – 25
Overweight                    BMI 25 – 30
Obesity                           BMI More than 30

2. Clear  your mind

  • High Stress decreases the effectiveness of the body’s immune system and can cause cancer
  • Clearing your mind will lower your stress level and will also improve the body’s immune system.  A healthy mind can lower the chance of having cancer
  • A Strong body is a result of a strong mind

Recommendation :

  • Practice Buddhism’s approach to self-contentment
  • Practice regular meditation to clear your mind and improve immune system, body functionality, and mindfulness.

3. Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetable are not only high in antioxidant and fiber, but also contains Dietary Cancer Chemo Preventive Agents such as Beta-Carotene, Lycopene, and Isoflavones which are all cancer preventive nutrients. Vegetables such as ginger, carrots, and broccoli are rich in such nutrients.

Recommendation :

  • Eat about at least 500 grams of fruits and vegetable per day.

4. Have adequate and appropriate nutrition

  • Over 1/3 of cancer patients have had relative history of unhealthy diets
  • Fermented food or dried meat cooked that has saltpeter and Potassium Nitrate as ingredients can be converted to Nitrosamine which is carcinogenic.
  • Grilled, fry, and smoked cooking are all carcinogenic cooking procedure.

Recommendation :

  • Consume appropriate proportion of each 5 food group per meal.
  • Avoid grilled, deep-fried, or pan fried food that are burnt.
  • Avoid red meat and fermented food

5. Routine Physical Examination

Routine physical examination will enable you to uncover and track any cancer development within the body at an early stage. This will greatly reduce the risk and increase the success of treatment dramatically.

Recommendation :

  • Routinely search for any abnormality on the body. Look for the 7 signs of cancer development.
  • For adults over 35 years old, it is best to routinely perform physical examination to check for any cancer development.

5 Don’t

1. Don’t Smoke

  • Smoking is one of the main causes of lung cancer, larynx cancer, liver cancer, and even ovaries cancer. It also leads to other diseases such as emphysema.
  • Smoke from cigarette contains over 4,000 types of chemicals, 60 of which are carcinogenic.
  • Approximately 80 percent of lung cancer is caused by smoking cigarette. Every year there are over 10,000 patients diagnosed of lung cancer.

Recommendation :

  • Avoid second hand smoke

2. Do not engage illicit sex

Women who have many sexual partners are more prone to HPV [Human Papilloma Virus] infections and Ovaries Cancer.

Recommendation :

  • Do not change sexual partner often
  • Have sex at appropriate age (20 years and over)
  • Wear appropriate protection while having sex

3. Do not drink often

Drinkers are prone to Liver Cancer, Breasts Cancer, and Esophageal Cancer. Drinkers who drink over 60 grams of alcohol per day (3 glasses) are 9 times likely to develop cancer than those who do not drink.

Recommendation :

  • It is recommended not to drink. But if inevitable, do not drink over 2 glasses per day for men and 1 glass per day for women.
  • Beer has 7% alcohol = 288ml
  • Wine has 13% alcohol = 153ml
  • Whiskey has 37.5% alcohol = 53 ml

4. Do not  expose to intense sunlight

  • Sunlight contains Ultra Violet Rays (UV) which is the main cause for skin cancer.
  • There are 3 types of UVs: UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVB is believed to be the main cancer developing agent.
  • UV not only causes withered skin, but can also cause cataract.
  • Exposing to mild sunlight will provided you the benefits of Vitamin D, however if too exposed it might lead to cancer development.

Recommendation :

  • Stay clear from intense sunlight.
  • Use sunscreen with minimum SPF of 15 and over.
  • Should use long sleeves, eyeglasses, and a hat to cover sunlight.
  • Routinely check for any abnormality on the body.

5. Do not eat fresh water sashimi

Fresh water fish such as silver carp fish, which are high in bacterial infection.

Recommendation :

  • It is best to lower fresh water fish consumption

Consult a cancer specialist