Early Cancer Detection

Many Thais are currently suffering from cancer and it is a leading cause of mortality. Cancer is cause by many factors and changing environment, such as certain virus invection, consumption of carcinogenic food, or exposure to carcinogens, which lead to mutations at the molecular level of the cells that can eventually develop into cancer.

Usually, cancer is not caused by just a single mutation, but from a cascade of events that occurred over time. Most patients go see a doctor when they have symptoms, which usually manifest in later stages of cancer since early stages tend to be asymptomatic. Therefore, if cancer can be detected early on, patients can begin treatment in the early stages and the chance of a cure is higher than when it is treated in advanced stages.

Dr. Thiravud Khuhaprema, hospital director, Wattanosoth Cancer Hospital said

“Current statistics both in Thailand and worldwide showed that cancer is the number one cause of death in chronic patients and will keep on rising. However, we can develop immunity to protect against cancer simply by choosing to eat healthy food, exercise regularly to gain stamina, stay happy, and most importantly, “reduce” the risk by “early detection” for abnormalities as soon as possible”.

Early Cancer Detection

There are several ways to screen for cancer, all of which are effective and efficent to detect and treat in the nick of time. Although the big C is a daunting word for most people, the reality is that many types of cancer can be cured if detected early. Most importantly, the number of people who survived cancer is unbelievably high. In developed countries, such as Europe or the US, survey has shown that mortality due to cancer has decreased because of the available technology for cancer treatment. In addition, advanced cancer searly detection tools allow detection at the genomic level so that we can notice precancerous tendencies before they develop into cancer. Thus, the chance of successful treatment also increase.

Cancer screening Is a method to search for cancer in the early stage in patients who have not yet shown signs and symptoms. The objective is to decrease mortality and sickness due to cancer. Screening for specific cancer has been accepted as beneficial for screening patients who are at risk or are worried about cancer. It is considered to signficiantly prevent as well as screen for early stages of cancer so that patients will have a higher chance of a cure and long, healthy life.

Wattanosoth Early Detection Center

Wattanosoth Early Detection Center offers services to all patients to protect and check as well assess the risk of cancer in a personalized manner. Ours service is comprehensive with multidisciplinary team of health professionales with hospital standards that takes patient’s right into consideration. This helps the patient receive early treatment as soon as cancer has been detected, no matter what stage. Therefore, treatment is highly effective and the chance of a cure also improves.

The objectives for early detection services cover:

  • Risk evaluation and recommendations on how to reduce the risk of cancer
  • Find current risks and follow up periodically based on each individual findings
  • Genetic testing and counseling on oncogenomics
  • Personalized cancer surveillance
  • Personalized cancer prevention
  • Self-surveillance and consult a doctor immediately if there are any signs of abnormalities, such as too much vaginal discharge, cyst or lump at any place in the body that grows faster than normal, chronic wounds that have not properly healed, changes in bowel movement or urination, voice change or hoarseness, chronic cough, difficulty swallowing, loss of appetite, weight loss, abnormal growth of moles, or hemangiomas.

With current technological advancements for cancer early detection and treatment, we can properly find ways to prevent and treat cancer. However, everyone should modify their lifestyle to decrease the risk of cancer as well as get annual early detection. Furthermore, our team of health professionals have joined the Thailand ICT Excellence Awards 2016 and Wattanosoth Cancer Hospital received and award for Innovation Projfects, which affirms that we meet world-class hospital standards of care.

Source: Dr. Thiravud Khuhaprema, hospital director, Wattanosoth Cancer Hospital

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