Diagnosis with Digital Mammogram and Breast Ultrasound |Wattanosoth Hospital

Diagnosis with Digital Mammogram and Breast Ultrasound |Wattanosoth Hospital

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is caused by cell abnormalities within the mammary glands or milk ducts. If the size of tumor is significant it may spread to the lymph nodes under the arm pits, blood vessels, and other organs such as bone, liver, lungs and brain. As such, early diagnosis of breast cancer will help to increase the chance of full treatment and recovery.

Risk factors of breast cancer

include:  start of menstruation at an early age, women who have never had a child, a history of radiation treatment around the breast, consumption of contraception, or hormone medication over a long period of time, obesity and smoking.

Mammogram is recommended for women who

  • Are over the age of 40
  • Have a direct relative with breast cancer prior to menopause
  • Have symptoms such as lump in the breast or the armpit, discharge from the nipple, skin or nipple disfiguration or discoloration and pain in the breast.
  • Possess genetic abnormalities such as the genes BRCA-1 and BRCA-2
  • Who have been diagnosed with cancer or other tumor of the breast (for evaluation of treatments)

Diagnosis with Digital Mammogram and Breast Ultrasound

Digital Mammogram is an advanced diagnostic radiology technique similar to the X-ray. However, it uses 30-60% less radiation and is effective in early detection of breast abnormality as a result of the clear imaging it provides. Due to its high resolution, this technology enables an early diagnosis and intervention of breast cancer.

Breast Ultrasound

uses sound waves to make images of the tissues within the breast. It is suitable for differentiating between a cyst and a solid structure. If a tumor is found, a breast ultrasound can help to determine the risk of it being cancerous. However, a breast ultrasound is unable to identify breast calcification. Breast ultrasound is supplementary to and can help increase the likelihood of cancer detection.

Preparation Prior to the examination:

1. You are able to eat and drink as normal
2. Avoid applying lotion, powder, or sprays in the breast and armpit area.
3. If you have received a mammogram in the past please bring your previous pictures and results for comparison
4. Any abnormalities in the breasts should be reported to your doctor immediately

Mobile Digital Mammography Service

Our mobile digital mammography service will allow an access to early detection of breast cancer that is convenient, fast, and accurate. This advanced diagnostic system is also capable of storing data, which can be forwarded to an appropriate person or institution to facilitate treatment planning.

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