The Journey to Beat Cancer via Chemotherapy Experience Our First-Class Treatment

The Journey to Beat Cancer via Chemotherapy Experience Our First-Class Treatment

During a critical time when one has to fight a serious disease, the most important thing is “trust,” because it boosts the confidence as one goes through this vulnerable period.  Chemotherapy Center at Bangkok Cancer Hospital Wattanosoth stands ready to lead our patients on the journey to beat cancer.  Through the Precision Medicine method, our multidisciplinary team of cancer specialists, nurses, and pharmacists – working together along with modern technology as well as other comprehensive procedures – will take every step with you to ensure your confidence about the course of treatment and to help alleviate your stress on your journey fighting this disease.   

with care in every step.  We are meticulous in our medical equipment selection.  Each one must accommodate our patient’s needs and must also be medically sound.   This helps increase effectiveness of the treatment and enhance the patient’s quality of life.

Chemopreparation Room.  Medication is customized for each patient, and importance is given to every dimension of the treatment.  The medicine is kept at a suitable temperature, while the chemotherapy equipment is prepared with the patient’s safety in mind and to minimize the side effects.  

  • Selection of Personnel.  Our pharmacists are well-experienced and internationally qualified specially on chemotherapy treatment.
  • Precision.  We use barcode system as a method to verify our customized medicine, to ensure correct name and prescription for the patient.

We put great efforts in every step.  Before and after a chemotherapy session, our nurse will be in touch, to check on your well-being and determine any side-effect.  Rest assured that we shall always be at your side as your trusted ally throughout this journey. 

Privacy.  Our chemotherapy room is designed to make our patient feel at home, as if being cared for by a family member, with the warm ambience and comfortable amenities.

  • Our full-optioned amenities chemotherapy room provides a personal space during your session.  It gives you the sense of privacy and warmth, as if you are at home with your family on a restful day.
  • The design of our chemotherapy room is taken from an airline’s first-class lounge with a special reception room along with many amenities, symbolizing your journey to the destination that is your victory over cancer.

Healing. Precision medicine method reduces complexity of the treatment and is customized to each patient, ensuring your confidence in every step.

  • Cancer Screening. Comprehensive health assessment and screening for type of cancer.
  • Diagnosis. A multidisciplinary team of oncologic specialists reviews test results as well as the patient’s medical history, and works with the patient to charts the course of treatment.
  • Initial Workup.  Radiologic diagnosis, pathologic and the type of cancer specific tests, to determine the stage of cancer.
  • Tumor Board Conference. Internal conference among multidisciplinary team of doctors, to plan the course of treatment.
  • Treatment with Care.  From surgery, chemotherapy, targeted medication, immunotherapy, radiation therapy, to recuperating care until the end of treatment.
  • Nurse Counselling. A team of specialized nurses provides counselling for the patient and family on physical as well as psychological preparations, including treatment appointments scheduling.
  • Discussion with Patient and Family. Our team of multidisciplinary specialists includes physician, nurses, pharmacist, physical therapist, and nutritionist, etc. 

Relaxing Environment.  Calming atmosphere that gives the feeling of being close to nature.

  • Lounge: The reception room provides a soothing environment with homely amenities while waiting for the treatment.
  • Snacks & Refreshments: The menu is designed and prepared by nutritionist specifically for cancer patients, to provide relief from side-effects after the treatment. 
  • Aroma and Music Therapy: A calming environment with the natural scent of soothing aromatherapy and refreshing music, to provide a relaxing ambience. 


At Chemotherapy Center,  Bangkok Cancer Hospital Wattanosoth

We are committed to your care from your first step into the center. Experience the setting, atmosphere, and environment that have been our endeavors. Every single detail is to ensure that your treatment is worry-free, Straight forward, and precise . . . with our loving care.

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