Why WSH Cancer Hospital

Cancer Expertise

Cancer Expertise: (Comprehensive cancer care)

  • We’re one of the largest Healthcare Network in Thailand
  • Our Physicians are recognized as among the best in the nation by experience
  • We take care our patients with Multidisciplinary team
  • We’re using front-line diagnostic and treatment technology for the best possible outcome
  • We provide a total care from prevention, diagnosis, treatment, recovery

Passion on Services

Passion on Services: (Patient and Family Focused care)

  • We focus exclusively on cancer holistic care
  • We support our patients in integrative and complementary therapies
  • We provide counseling and support educational activities
  • We support our patients and family in life style change to prevent cancer and cancer recurrence

Cancer Best Practice

Cancer Best Practice

  • We provide state-of-the-art cancer care
  • We provide Thai hospitality for patients and family and pay the utmost attention on quality care
  • We provide a world standard nursing care
  • We are recognized by world standard accreditation