Oncology Imaging Center

The Oncology Imaging Center offers diagnosis services the use of radiology or nuclear medicine. This includes radiation therapy for cancer treatment that meets international standards performed by trained specialized medical personnel in a modern and safe environment. The goal is for diagnosis to lead to successful treatment to the utmost benefit of the patient and his/her family.

Oncology Imaging Center Specialty

The Oncology Imaging Center at Wattanosoth Hospital is well-prepared in cancer diagnosis and treatment, providing experienced medical specialists with regards to cancer care and nuclear medicine such as radiologists, radiologists specialized in interventional radiology, oncologists, psychologists, and nurses. They are supported by the latest technology available for cancer care, and is the only private institution of its kind to produce its own cyclotron to be used in PET/CT scan, a significant advancement in Oncology Imaging for fast and accurate cancer diagnosis. Furthermore, there is an ongoing process of evaluation of treatments, recurrence of cancer, and follow-up surveillance to gauge effectiveness of treatment. A testament to its expertise, Wattnosoth Hospital also produces radiopharmaceutical for other private hospitals and medical institutions for cancer treatment.

Diagnosis and treatment

Oncology Imaging Center offers diagnosis and treatment as follows: Ultrasound, CT Scan Nuclear medicine- (PET/CT Scan), (Cyclotron) PET/CT Scan with FDG, F-DOPA, or PiB; 90% of PET/CT Scan will use FDG while F-DOPA is utilized in brain conditions such as Parkinson’s and other movement disorders. While the PiB (Pittsburgh Compound is used in diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, for example. Click to learn more about preparation for PET/CT [Link] Other diagnostic technologies with Nuclear Medicine include: Measure Thyroid Gland Function Thyroid Uptake Cancer Detection with SPECT/CT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography) Other Services Include Intervention Radiology – a form of diagnosis and treatment using radiology such RF Ablation for liver cancer [LINK] – This is a technique that provides similar results to surgical treatment, with actually performing surgery. Treatment is given through the skin with the help of ultrasound or X-ray to permanently kill cancer cells. Therapeutic Radio Pharmaceuticals include: Radioactive Iodine Therapy for Thyroid Cancer Click to learn more about symptoms and treatment of Thyroid Cancer Treatment for bone pain with radiopharmaceuticals Image Guide Percutaneous Biopsy