Signing MOU: CSR Breast Cancer Project


“Breast Cancer Screening & Awareness Project”
Inauguration and MOU signing between Breast Center, Bangkok Cancer Hospital and Chittagong Medical College Hospital to raise awareness of breast cancer

As October is World Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Bangkok Cancer Hospital by Prof. Dr. Supakorn Rojananin, the director of Breast Center signed  a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Chittagong Medical College Hospital (CMCH) in Bangladesh. The main objective of this CSR project is to increase the awareness of breast cancer and breast self –examination among Bangladeshi women and society.

Regarding WHO report, the number of women afflicted by breast cancer in Bangladesh is on gradual rise in the country and the majority of these patients has been diagnosed with a very late stage of disease. Every year, nearly 15,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and 7,142 of them die, quoting the GLOBOCAN 2012 report.

Therefore, Bangkok Cancer Hospital has realized the importance of early breast cancer detection, public awareness and education which will further contribute a major health benefits to Bangladesh women.

During the beginning phase, the main emphasis of this collaborative project is placed on medical training and academic seminar for doctors and medical teams from Chittagong Medical College Hospital who will be the leaders to conduct community projects in their country. Training program will cover breast self-examination, diagnostic approaches and treatment protocol of breast cancer, as well as monitoring plan for disease prognosis in the future.

MoU signed over breast cancer awarness (The Finance Today)

Bangkok Hospital, CMCH to provide free check up (The Daily Observer)

MoU signed over breast cancer awarness (

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