EDGE New Era of Cancer Radiosurgery


Introduction: Radiosurgery

The underlying idea of radiosurgery is a high-intensity beams of radiation are used with great precision and accuracy to destroy cancer cells within 1-5 treatment sessions as opposed to several weeks with conventional radiotherapy. These beams directly damage cancerous cells while minimizing exposure to nearby healthy cells or tissues.

When the cancerous cells are hit by high-dose beams, their ability to reproduce is compromised and they eventually die. By using EDGE radiosurgery, it could be a single course treatment or multiple courses (mostly not exceed 5 times/ each treatment) depending on type, size and exact location of cancerous cells. Nevertheless, radiosurgery might not be appropriate for some certain types of tumor and cancer.

What is EDGE?

EDGE Radiosurgery uses non-invasive tumor-destroying with high radiation dose to treat cancer anywhere in the body where radiation is indicated. EDEGE system is being used with patients who were not good candidates for surgery.

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This powerful advanced technology is very precise, accurat
เครื่องฉายรังสี EDGE มิติใหม่ รังสีศัลยกรรม

EDGE covers all dimensions of RADIOTHERAPY

Patient dimension

  • Highly effective to treat and relieve cancer-related symptoms
  • Painless and bloodless treatment
  • Accurate, precise, convenient and fast

Physician dimension

  • All complicated techniques are available: SRS, SRT, SBRT, 4D techniques
  • High performance machine – High dose rates up to 2400 MU/min with flattening filter free (FFF) – The finest beam shaping adjusted with high definition 120 multi-leaf collimator (HD120 MLC) and sculpting capabilities – 3D CRT, IMRT and VMAT are available
  • Efficient computer support systems – ECLIPSE radiotherapy treatment planning – ARIA oncology information system

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Advanced Benefits from EDGE

  • The ability to deliver higher doses of radiation at a greater speed allows most treatments to be given quickly and without compromising accuracy.
  • A very sophisticated respiratory monitoring systems helps to compensate for breathing especially in lung cancer and liver cancer in order to reduce the risk of damage to surrounding healthy tissues.
  • The Edge radiosurgery system is designed to effectively treat a wide range of cancer including those in the brain, spine, lung, gastrointestinal system, genito-urinary system.
    EDGE features 120-tooth, 2.5-mm-wide multi-leaf collimators (MLC). Each leaf moves individually according to certain shape and size of cancer hence other healthy areas will be shielded from radiation.
  • EDGE is implemented with Image-Guided Radiation Therapy system in order to pinpoint an exact site of cancer before radiation treatment can be delivered to each patient.
  • With high-intensity mode and high-dose rates, each radiation treatment time is shortened as a result of increasing in patient’s convenience and comfort.

EDGE Treatment Flow

  1. CT planning & Tumor Visualization The 3-D images are generated of your tumor. During this process, size, shape and location of tumor will be precisely identified.
  2. Radiation Planning Sophisticated treatment planning software will be used to develop a “3D/4D- picture” of tumor area.Treatment plan is further developed that specifies the correct dosage where it is delivered and a schedule for treatment.
  3. Radiation Treatment
    Prior to treatment, patient will be imaged so that the radiation oncologist can verify the tumor location, then your treatment will begin.The machine that creates the beam will rotate 360 degrees around the patient.
  4. Imaging (during treatment) Throughout treatment, advanced imaging technology enables radiologist to view tumor from virtually every angle, noting its location at all times with high precision.
  5. Follow-up care After the procedure, patient will undergo follow-up care. The radiation oncologist will monitor your progress and recovery.

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