Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy


Increased Accuracy

VMAT delivers radiation while reducing unwante side effects. It does so by rotating the gantry of a linac through one or more arcs with the radiation continuously on. As it does so, a number of parameters can be varied to better target the tumor. The VMAT provides higher accuracy as all its proccesses are computerized and controlled by trained specialists, it provides a 3D navigation system to pinpoint the location of the tumor prior to delivering radiation. A specialized bed designed to suit the VMAt provides more adjustments to increase effectiveness of treatment.

The VMAT is less time consuming

The VMAT is less time consuming whilst at the same time able to provide 2-8 times the radiation levels compared to conventional radiology techniques. Compared to IMRT which requires the patient to lie still for 15-30 minutes, the VMAT only requires 3-5 minutes to complete the procedure. Motion error helps to make adjustments in ral time to the patient’s movements. for example tracking postional changes of organs within the body. This can help to reduce side effects, increase comfortability, reduce radiation expose, and save time for the patient.

The VMAT is internationally certified during 2008-2009 seminar by the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology. During which time there were reports provided by the research of William Beaumont Hospital USA with regards to the effectiveness of VMAT in 6 patients. The results showed that the VMAT was able to provide equal to or higher amounts of radiation compared to conventional therapy, while reducing exposure to vital organs. Treatment times are also reduced to a 13 minutes on average, that is 59% compared to conventional radiology therapy. This will increase comfortability for th patient as they will have to spend lesss time bed-ridden which will help to reduce complications that may occur from a patient’s sudden movements during the procedure.